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Why we do it

There is estimated to be about 8 million deaf adults in India. Of them only 67% of them find employment.

When they do find employment, for most of them its in the informal sector where they are badly paid, only seasonally hired and treated especially bad for being deaf.

For deaf people in general, society has always been very harsh to them. Misunderstood and treated as sub-human, many of them have lived their entire life feeling oppressed, helpless and incapable of being part of society. Negative reinforcement: unemployability from big businesses and lack of support from government institutions, has made the world extremely bleak for many them.

Many of them have grown up in an over-protected environment or have been badly treated for being physically different. It is our belief that to overcome this we must bring out their true human potential. Mirakle Couriers does so by employing them in a highly competitive and professionally demanding courier business where we push them to rise up to the occasion. Working with us they gain copious levels of confidence and eventually gain financial independence. The result is that many of them are able to go back home and support their families rather than having to be helplessly dependent on them.

in December 2010 we were awarded the National Award for the Empowerment of People With Disabilities handed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

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