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Who we are

Mirakle Couriers currently is 4 Management Staff and 64 Deaf Employees.

Our back office is run by 20 hard working deaf women with learnt-by-doing knowledge in data entry andĀ manipulation, tracking and scanning, sorting and other branch operations.

On the field we have a team 44 talented male deaf courier agents that navigate the complex lanes of Mumbai. They travel on public transport, avoiding traffic and remaining conscious of the environment.

Dhruv Lakra, CEO

Founded Mirakle Couriers after his MBA in social entrepreneurship at Oxford. Graduating from HR College, he pursued a few years in Investment Banking at Merill Lynch. Dissatisfied he left the bank to work in rural Tamil Nadu for a few years. Wanting to explore the middle way between social work and conventional business, leading him to the Skoll program for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford. You can read more about his motivations for starting Mirakle in our story.

As CEO Dhruv spends his time meeting new clients, looking after the finances and leading the company forward.

Nimesh Pawar, Operations

is our operations manager at our Churchgate Branch. With many years of experience in various courier agencies and other operations posts he brings order and efficiency to the Churchgate Team.

Sameer Bhosale, Operations

is our operations manager at our Andheri Branch. He has had many years of experience in courier companies such as Blue Dart, Velocity Couriers and Elbee Express. He commands the team work that work in the difficult area of Mumbai’s industrial suburbs.

Vidya Iyer, HR

is our HR manager across both branches. After attaining a high level in sign language interpretation, Vidya has joined our team to help recruit, train and manage the staff on a personal level through her fluency in the complex language.

Rohan Mehta

joined Mirakle for a year after his Masters from SOAS in January 2009. Taking on a supporting role for a year working in Marketing, Media and Business Development, he will remain an active participant in the company despite his physical absence.

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