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How we do it

The Delivery Process

Everything from pick-up to delivery is carefully planned at our branches in sign language. Our field agents receive instructions via sms of a client’s address and a time for when documents need to be picked up. Upon arriving at the client’s office the shipments are counted and a count confirmation sms is sent back to the branch supervisor.

Once the packages arrive at our branch they are sorted, processed and prepared for delivery. The female staff  will sort out the shipments based on pincodes. Further sorting is carried out by each field agent who is responsible for a designated area of delivery whose narrow lanes and unmarked buildings he has mastered. Once sorted each document is given a tracking code and entered into the system. This allows us to track and maintain transparency as to who is responsible for which shipment.

Proof of Delivery (POD) or a digital delivery status report is then returned to our clients the day after delivery. For faulty or changed addresses we have one phone operator who will call the client or the consignee to confirm a new address.

Any part of this delivery procedure can be customised by our clients if they have special requirements.


Due to the aural nature of Indian traffic, our field agents travel only via public transport. However in a city like mumbai, public transportation is far more reliable and efficient than struggling through congested roads. Relying on feet, bus and rail also has the added environmental benefit of keeping us on a low carbon footprint.

One should however consider the uniqueness of driving restrictions for the deaf in India. In almost every other country in the world the deaf can drive because it primarily requires sight but here the informal cultural habit of honking makes it inaccessible to the deaf. This ingrained insensitivity will take a long time to change.


The primary language used at Mirakle Couriers is Indian Sign Language (ISL). All organisation of courier operations and management of teams is conducted in Sign Language. The management team and each employee is fluent in ISL.

We have one designated phone operator who contacts consignees to confirm a change of address. She then will explain the situation to our staff in ISL.

Communication between Mirakle field agents and branch staff during the day is done via SMS text messaging. Text messaging has been a wonderful technological advancement for the deaf, allowing them the unprecedented ability to communicate over long distances. This also allows the management team members or the branch to broadcast information to all agents whether they are at home or on the field. This mode of communication has been very effective and essential to our productivity.

All of our back office supervisors have email addresses and have been trained in the professional etiquette and productive techniques associated with email messaging. Email messaging is done in english.

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