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Hello everyone and welcome to the new updated website. As we are rapidly growing (and getting more popular – CNBC, DNA, Springwise, Economic Times etc) we thought it was time to give ourselves a new home. Come in and get comfortable.

The new website, courtesy of the good people at Rockstah Media, aims to give users complete information about Mirakle Couriers. From the technical to the interesting. Please navigate through our butter smooth interface to learn more about how we deliver possibilities. Check out Who We Are to find out about the people behind mirakle, what makes our model unique and how it all works. Do check out our section on Social Impact with details of how working for mirakle will improve the lives of the many we employ.

For specific information about business conducts and areas of service please go through Our Services.  Our Blog is ofcourse the hotspot for all new information and updates coming out of Mirakle Couriers HQ. We promise to be updating much more than we have in the past with interesting interviews, stories, pictures and happenings around the office – covering all the dimensions of our company: Business to Empowerment of Deaf youth. On the right of the blog you can see links to our favorite articles, recent twitter updates, flikr images, youtube videos. Yes my friends we are social-media active – plugged in and electronically connected to the world. As we grow prepare to see our offline presence growing as well around the city. Lots of interactive goodies lined up.

Awards and Recognition is our trophy case where we will upload and link all of the online magazines and newspapers that cover our story from a journalistic perspective. When we have access we will upload our cnbc video here as well. Anyone who doubts our capabilities, please point them here.

Lastly we have a special section about the Deaf Community, with facts, figures, links and information regarding our employees and their silent world.

well thats it. we hope you like our new website and find it more comprehensive than our old one. If you feel that we are missing anything please feel free to reply with a comment and we shall work it out. Mirakle Couriers is a social business, so let us all be social about it.

With Love,

Media, Marketing and Business Development

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