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Rising to the Challenge

Around 6% of Indians suffer from some form of hearing loss.
6% of 1.17 billion is over 10 million people.
66% of those are unemployed.
That’s over 6 million.


Think about the immensity of that number.

Mirakle Couriers sees that number as a challenge—a challenge to which we are determined to rise. Since the day we began, when it was just Dhruv with an idea and our first deaf delivery boy Ganesh, we have propelled ourselves onward and upward on our will to do something about the dismal state of affairs for deaf people in this country.

Every morning we rise to our challenge—we come to Churchgate or Andheri with a sense of responsibility toward our work, our clients and ourselves, we do our jobs with pride and care, and we go home with a sense of dignity. We provide for our families, we contribute to society,  and we empower ourselves as individuals. We rise in the estimation of each person to whose door or desk we deliver, and in our own. We communicate with each other, and we are good at it—honest, expressive and effective. We don’t view our deafness as an impediment to living a life of worth, and we most emphatically refuse to allow anyone else to do so.

Every day, in many small ways, we rise.

Every day, we become better and better role models for the deaf community, fuller examples of success, and each time a new member joins our team, we rise, and the numbers against us—6%, 10 million, 66%, 6 million—fall.

At Mirakle, we believe that every small act of rising is powerful and essential. We believe each better choice—our choice to work hard and with dignity, our clients’ choice to partner with us, your choice to support us—has the weight to put yet another dent in those big numbers. We believe each package delivered, each person satisfied, each vote of confidence is a boost that helps us rise.

If you’d like to be a boost to us—or a dent to the numbers—choose to vote for us in Mahindra’s excellent initiative “Spark the Rise,” a platform to support projects that are creating a positive change in India. Just go here, click the big green button that says “Vote,” sign in with Facebook or sign up with your email address, and you’re done. But you aren’t, are you? You do so much more. By reading about us here and elsewhere, liking us on facebook, following us on twitter, giving us your business, and talking to your friends about us, you’re constantly boosting us.

Every day, in many small ways, you help us rise.

We thank you for that.

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