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Navigating through a sea of green

So if you have been keeping track of us you will know a lot part of our current work is delivering phone bills to Vodafone Customers in South Mumbai.

I thought it might be nice to give you all a glimpse on the madness that goes on here when we deal with the demanding loads of our best client. Every few days three of our best and brightest – Ashish, Milind and Ketan, go and pick up the load from a warehouse in Navi Mumbai.

Around 1 O’clock this arrives and absolutely floods our office.



for the next 5 hours it is a chaotic lake of vodafone bills where each boy sorts out the shipments that they are responsible for – those that fall in his dedicated area. Sorting them out by pincode, neighbourhood, road and building names. After doing this many times all the boys have become amazing at recognizing every single building in their area.

Bhupesh for example is the king of Nariman Point and knows each and every department on every floor of the State Bank building there (if you have seen the insides of government buildings you will understand the difficulty of this). And that is only one of the many buildings he has mastered in the area.

He goes in the morning delivers a big load and comes back hungry for more. He makes two or three trips in a day. If any you of you have read his life story in a previous post you can understand where this desire to work hard and improve his circumstances comes from.


I don’t want to single anyone out because they are all great in their own areas. The churchgate boys know all the roads and lanes backwards and forwards. Fort is quite an intense battle field with its windy unmarked streets and little crevasses. the Colaba team needs to navigate through all the long haired hippie tourists and stalls that fill the causeway and the off-shooting streets.

It’s been quite a journey for us, when we started there were moments when we felt that we bit more than we could chew, but having had some intense tough months of work we have come out the other side and stand now four times more powerful and knowledgable than before. I guess that is always going to be the learning/growth curve.



Most of the mastery of this has been attributed to Nimesh and Vidya who have worked hard round the clock to come up with new strategies. Although it has certainly been an all hands on deck multi-dimensional effort. Some strong leaders have also emerged, those boys who were shy and timid have grown in confidence and prominence as they started understanding what this work is really all about. It is not just delivery but the responsibility that surrounds the whole process. It gets us excited for the future vertical growth (new levels of management) of the company.

in great contrast is silent but deadly bhupesh. He works extremely hard but does it with a smile and not an inch of complaint. Head down and full of focus. A true soldier for the cause. Vidya has to check everyday that he eats properly because he rarely gets anything from his abusive father and he works so hard that he simply forgets.

Once again this post isn’t just about him but he embodies the good soul hardworking spirit of the many like him at Mirakle Couriers. We are so glad vodafone has given us the opportunity to work with them and show the world we are as good as anyone else.


Posted by Rohan Mehta

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