Mirakle Couriers remembers 26th of November 2008 Mirakle Couriers remembers 26th of November 2008 Mirakle Couriers remembers 26th of November 2008 Mirakle Couriers remembers 26th of November 2008 Mirakle Couriers remembers 26th of November 2008

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Mirakle Couriers remembers 26th of November 2008

Today is the 26th of November, a day that stirs up mixed feelings for people all over mumbai. It is the second anniversary of the haunting terrorist attacks that shed blood in the heart of our city.


At Mirakle Couriers the thoughts and feelings are no different. Vidya thought it appropriate to lead a discussion with the men and women who work here to express their views. Being deaf, no one has thought about asking deaf people how they felt about the experience how it affected their lives. Some of them told us that they do feel affected personally because they knew a deaf man from their community who was killed during the attacks.

The social disconnect of the deaf people in our society seems to be a frustrating thing for them. On the one hand they live in mumbai and are very much mumbaikers, they are proud of their city and make up its culture. On the other hand they are unable to fully grasp the verbal video media and can often feel left out of the debate. To explain what I mean I present you one of the most interesting accounts of the unfolding of events from a deaf person’s perspective as given by Nilam.

“At home, I have a cable TV while my neighbour does not. I did not hear anything about the attacks until in that evening [events started in the morning]. Suddenly my neighbour came rushing into my house asked me to put on the TV, something important was happening. I turned it on and tried to ask what was going on, but they were unable to communicate it to me. I stared at the TV as my neighbour changed it from Hindi to Marathi to English channels. Lucky for me I knew a few words in each language so by looking at the words under the lady I was trying to understand. Slowly by putting together the meanings of the words in differently languages and seeing the pictures I began to try and understand what was happening. Something bad happened, there was fire and people were scared. Some people had died, lots of police and army people were around the Taj in this place I know very well.”

Nilam’s story is not unique and it serves to highlight the gap in communication. No one could tell her what was happening, she had to figure it out, and put the mixed up pieces of the puzzel together. Even then she would only guess at a general idea and miss out on all the specific details the news-casters were discussing.

vidya explains

Vidya talked to everyone more about how they felt about the whole thing, what should happen to Kasab and what does it mean for India. The following is a rough translation of the dialogue that took place. We were keen on having an open discussion where everyone was able to present their point of view openly without judging. Therefore I urge you all to read it that way, simply as raw expression without filtering or trying to be politically correct.

Kasab should be hanged for sure. He has done terrible things and ruined many families. But before killing him we must find out more. Where are they going to attack again, how many terrorists are there, where are their camps and how to do we close them. We need to get this information before he is hanged.


I don’t think you should kill him, you should talk to him.

What about all the policemen who died as well? They can’t get away with that.


We should set an example of him that people cannot get away with these attacks. They cannot hurt people for no reason. We should put him in jail and let him rot there.

And pay for his food and stay in jail?

We must send the right message that people cannot come back and do it again. We must show that no one else can attack us. We have to put an end to this drama.

I want to ask them what are they gaining out of killing all these people. What do they want to achieve? what is this for?
First they bomb america, then the rest of the world, and then India. Will this ever end or will it go on?

hands up

general discussion:
Why doesn’t Pakistan find them and kill them?
Who is really behind it? Osama Bin Laden?

It’s so sad. I see muslims traveling in trains everyday. they travel with me, they eat, they live. I am very welcoming to them and never discriminate to them because they are muslims. Why then do muslims not like people who are with other religions? I do not think every muslim is a terrorist, but I find it sad that some find it necessary to kill all non-muslims.

One thing maybe is that muslims have very big families. They get married to different wives and have many many kids. If you are poor and have many many kids and not much education it can be very easy to get taken by terrorist camps. If you’re basic needs are not provided, some bad man will give you food and bed and say come join me in terrorist school. There should be education to keep families small, so everyone can eat and sleep well, and be educated well and find a good job.

Kasab has many brothers and sisters. We have heard that some of them have died, I wonder what are the others doing. Are they in school? are they doctors? or are they also becoming terrorists. I want to ask him that.

how do we fix it?

India should have stronger army and people. we should collaborate with america, they also had bomb problems, we should be friends and work together to end the issue. Why is pakistan not helping?

Between India and Pakistan, why is there so much ego? Why can’t we sit down and talk about it normally. Why can’t we plan together. Before 1947 we were the same. Even now, we eat the same food, we have the same culture, we like the same movies. Why do we have to fight?

we must make sure our security forces are stronger. Our navy must be more careful because they can also come from the sea. We had to wait for black commandos to come from delhi, we should have black commandos here. Our security here should be very strong. We don’t have faith in our security forces.

Should we tighten the borders and not let foreigners in?

Others: No. We welcome foreigners, We want to welcome people from all over the world. We want them to come and see our culture and eat our food and enjoy, but not destroy things while they are here.

I hope the people in pakistan won’t read this and come and attack us!

After this discussion we decided to light some candles and hold a minute of silence in rememberence of all those who lost their lives and to pray to our chosen god to never let such evil come into our homes again. As they said, we want to welcome people from all over the world and embrace them happily, but we do not want to see such destruction ever again.

floor candles

candle draw

observing silence 1

*all drawings done by Ashish
*Discussion lead and translations from Sign into English by Vidya
*written by Rohan

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