Hello 2012! Hello 2012! Hello 2012! Hello 2012! Hello 2012!

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Hello 2012!

Alright ladies and gents.

The radio silence is over.

It is a new year, and we at Mirakle want to start talking again: about the things we care about, things we love, things we wonder about, struggle against, and question. About our goals, plans, progress, and achievements. About ourselves, yourselves, and the world.

Here’s a preview: This year, Mirakle’s working on a tracking system, customized delivery, and alliances to facilitate shipping all over India and internationally.

On the blog: We’ll tell you about building financial responsibility among our staff, how the delivery you receive impacts their lives, and the wonders of Indian Sign Language.

Plus: Across all our platforms–blog, facebook, twitter–we are going to throw all our might into making some noise about consumer activism, socially responsible business, organizations we like, and other good stuff.

Most of all, what we really really want is to start a conversation. So we want, and indeed need, YOU to talk back to us. Tell us what you think, feel, want to know. Comment, like, share, link, go nuts. Although most of us can’t hear, we’re great listeners. And we want your input.

Ready for an even better year? We know we are.

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