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It’s Diwali time and the Mirakle Couriers offices are buzzing with excited energy. Diwali is the biggest national holiday in India and is commonly known as the festival of light. During the week leading up to the day itself (Nov 5th) the streets are filled with candles and draping lights and the air with fireworks.

But from the wikipedia page we can extract a description closer to our hearts: “the most significant spiritual meaning of Diwali is the awareness of the inner light.” Inline with our founding philosophy, Mirakle Couriers aims to make our employees aware of their inner light. Against what the world might have told them as they were growing up, or the constant dose of negativity and estrangement they are bombarded with daily, inside of them lies nothing but good human potential. By granting them an opportunity to show themselves and the world what they are capable of when they work hard, they can alight that dust-covered inner light. The idea is that over time the collective glow can perhaps “shine a light” on the way people approach the Deaf. (with a mutual understanding that we are all merely made up of the same stuff instead of fear andĀ apprehension for a difference).

Every day we at the management level marvel at all the sparks of inner light that shine out from our staff. Marvel that despite the tough challenges and harsh realities they face, there are moments when they can still Dance FREE (vid below) and find pockets of happiness.

The inspirational power of that I can only express using Sign language.

To celebrate We decorated the office and held a puja followed by a mini 9am office party with sweet snacks, giggles and wide-eyed smiles. It was a special moment to be saved and enjoyed by all. During the puja all our hopes and prayers focused on our high on-time delivery performance and on success for the future growth of the company. Topped off with wallnuts from jamu, chocolate from vito and ladus from Vidya, we got ready for a brand new day. Pumped up, energised and ready to go. It’s time to start to a new season.

Diwali time in general has been great for us for business because a lot of clients have been sending around corporate gifts through us. For example last week we delivered 500 bags of fancy chocolate for Vito India (an investment bank). I am proud to report that not one box was received with a missing chocolate. I am very impressed for I must admit even I was tempted to secretly steal just a little one for myself. But as they say hard work and good discipline pays off and at the end of it all Vito gifted us with a few boxes of chocolates for us to enjoy as well. so thank you Vito India!

Several other companies have asked us to deliver special packages for diwali time which has been really nice. We have also been delivering a lot of invitation cards. Mumbai is finally cooling down so wedding season is about to kick off.

We also want to welcome a new client Idobro, whose socially and environmentally conscious magazines will now be distributed by us. They are an amazing social enterprise set up to create a market place for all products green and social in nature, to increase awareness and conscious consumption Please

visit their site to find out more.

So Anyway, on behalf of all of us at Mirakle Couriers we wish you a very happy Diwali and hope you find a chance to become aware of your inner light : )

– Rohan

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