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Uncle Egbert

This month’s story will be about Egbert Miranda, in honor of his 60th birthday on August 19th 2011. Egbert is one of five non-deaf employees at Mirakle and he has been with Mirakle since the beginning of 2010. Egbert has already gained 35 years of working experience in numerous different industries beforehand, including jobs at a bank, a travel agency and being a personal manager at an airline company. Moreover, he spent several years of his career working abroad in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Egbert first came in touch with Mirakle Couriers through the company Dasara who referred his Curriculum Vitae to Mirakle. Founder Dhruv Lakra was impressed by Egbert’s outstanding past experiences and offered him a job. At Mirakle, Egbert is employed as a consultant whose task include accounting, Human Resource profiling and being an office assistant.

For Egbert working with deaf adults has been an entirely new experience being valuable and challenging at the same time as Egbert did not know sign language. Hence, communication in the office occured mainly by writing, lip reading or via body language. The deaf employees turned out to be very helpful in slowly teaching Egbert first gestures as means of communicating. By now Egbert has picked up the basics of sign language and has been fully integrated into the company’s community being addressed by the employees as ‘uncle Egbert’ in Marathi. Through these encounters, Egbert nowadays feels more connected to deaf citizens and has discovered a novel aspect of society which was unfamilar for him beforehand.

According to Egbert, working at Mirakle has been a wonderful, fullfilling experience. Seeing a purpose behind his work and being able to make a contribution to society spurrs Egbert’s motivation. Besides, he announced that he truly admires Dhruv for finding the social business and he regards him as an honorable man and a source of inspiration. To put it in his words: „I enjoy working at Mirakle and unless Dhruv would fire me I would continue working at Mirakle indefinetely.“

However, through his work as an accountant Egbert has also become aware of the struggles social businesses such as Mirakle may be facing. „Mirakle has very honorable aims but putting such aims into practice is not easy.“ Especially liquidity difficulties due to delayed client payments are a major issue of concern for the company as it restricts operations. Besides, the firm has a policy of providing fair wages and working conditions, including for instance health insurance coverages and social securities, which makes operations costly and more difficult to finance. Due to his commitment to the company, Egbert truly hopes that Mirakle will successfully manage all its challenges and continue to expand its operations in order to increase its social impact. Working at Mirakle has inspired Egbert to also maximize his own positive impact on society. As a result, he does not solely work five days a week at the office but also volunteers on the remaining two days at a rehab center and thereby does an amazing share to improve the lives of many Indians. More people like Egbert are needed to make this world a better place and Mirakle wants to thank Egbert for his excellent commitment to the firm in the past months.

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