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Rising to the Challenge

Around 6% of Indians suffer from some form of hearing loss. 6% of 1.17 billion is over 10 million people. 66% of those are unemployed. That's over 6 million.


Think about the immensity of that number. Mirakle Couriers sees that number as a challenge—a challenge to which we are determined to rise. Since the day we began, when it was just...

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Haldi and Kumkum: Reintroducing the Churchgate Women

Those of you who have faithfully followed this blog over the past couple of years, erratic though it's been, have probably read something of the women of Mirakle Couriers, our magicians behind the scenes. For all the others, here's an introduction. The girls who run our office in Churchgate are a variety of things: bright, cheerful, deaf, communicative, efficient, affectionate, soulful,...

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Hello 2012!

Alright ladies and gents. The radio silence is over. It is a new year, and we at Mirakle want to start talking again: about the things we care about, things we love, things we wonder about, struggle against, and question. About our goals, plans, progress, and achievements. About ourselves, yourselves, and the world. Here's a preview: This year, Mirakle's working on a...

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Uncle Egbert

This month's story will be about Egbert Miranda, in honor of his 60th birthday on August 19th 2011. Egbert is one of five non-deaf employees at Mirakle and he has been with Mirakle since the beginning of 2010. Egbert has already gained 35 years of working experience in numerous different industries beforehand, including jobs at a bank, a travel agency...

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Walking through Andheri in the Shadow of Deaf

i spent the morning following Bala as he delivered around Andheri East today. Instead of traveling on the buses he told me that he preferred to walk. He signed to me that walking is much faster because he knows all the secret shortcuts around his delivery area. In no time we were cutting through crumbled brick backyards and narrow grassy...

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New Clients for January 2011!

Hello all, its mid january and as we tweeted earlier this month "2011 starts with a Bang!" New to our monthly roster are: Forbes India After delivering Chip and Entrepeneur magazines for about a year now, Infomedia 18 decided to give us Forbes India. Now thats what you call a confidence boost! Birla Sun Life Similiarly Aditya Birla Group who has been an...

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Springwise: Mirakle Couriers, the 4th best business Idea in the world!

Mirakle Couriers picked 4th in Springwise's top 20 business ideas & Opportunities for 2011 a great honor to be recognised by the American smart, sharp and respected business news site. Also great to know people from the other side of the planet have heard our silence - and our great efforts to improve the lives of mumbai's deaf! see the full list...

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The sound of a Mirakle

I'm always talking about how quiet our office is. Today I would like to share that directly with you. Listen to this clip as 25 of us are sitting here in our small 5mx12m space. Mirakle Silence by heliopath...

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HR College honors Mirakle Couriers for Xmas

On Thursday the 23rd of December, Indu Shahni on behalf of HR College invited Mirakle Couriers staff for a festive celebration on their campus. all 60 of us walked our way from the churchgate office to HR College two lanes away There we were warmly greated and...

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Friday Office Insight

Vidya usually spends thursday and fridays in Andheri office training the boys and girls there. They are a hard working lot and its great to get them when they have a lighter loaded day and find out how things are going. i am also here today catching up on things here.

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